An Artist in Residence position in Thornden Woods with the Kent Wildlife Trust. The project was entered for the Canterbury Cultural Awards and was a finalist in two categories: The community Award and the Environmental Landscape Award

Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Shelter Posts

Wildart Drawing Day inspired the designs for these posts, and work was started on the posts during the event. Drawings and designs were also worked out on paper and were then used in the final paintings.  

All of the designs are based on the woodland and dozens of people contributed their ideas.
The shelter posts
 The Shelter Posts are painted with pigments made from the soil and clays found in Thornden Woods. This has given them a very particular colour scheme which works very well.

posts in progress

bracken at the bottom
 I have included a slide show called a ''return to painting' as it is great to be using paints in such a relevant way. That is making your own paint with what's on the site. Great for highlighting the resources of a particular place.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Wildart Drawing Day 22nd Aug

I made these pigments from the soil

earth (ochre)

earth (umber)

white (chalk)

So I will leave the others to find out if they work or not? I'm off up to London for the day. I will catch up later and find out what happened?

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Princes Trust.

Recently I met Kent Wildlife Staff on the Wildart Trail and met several Princes Trust work placement people busy with tools. This was part of a two week placement and I found them tending to the willow archway planted a few months ago.

Cosmo in on the action.

The archway is looking very healthy indeed.
 Other news is that the Wildart Trail was a shortlisted finalist in two catagories: The Community Award and the Cultural Landscape Award. These awards are made possible by Canterbury Council and I went along to a posh dinner with John and Kathryn from KWT. We had a nice evening but sadly the specially commissioned winners glass trophy eleuded us. Congratulations to the Marlow Theatre (Cultural Landscape) and the Siege of Canterbury Commemoration Committee (Community) who took the trophys home.

Front: Kathryns fruit salad
Middle: John in a suit
Rear: the Lady from the Siege of Canterbury Commemoration Committee  

Friday, 2 March 2012

Working with Living Willow

A couple of weeks ago during the UCA residency Kent Wildlife Trust organised a working with live willow workshop. This was to create living willow archway approximatley half way round the trail.

The day was very well attended with several groups working on other sculptures as well. got to go...thats on ...yeh ..there

under-over-under- under-no-no over.

its coming together now - looking good

this will grow into a little house.

reminds me of 'how many people can you fit in a
telephone box or a mini? I think we can get at
least a couple more in there!

the finished arch

finished arch with the Radfall behind
  I hope it rains soon as the willow needs it now to establish properly, we had the same problem last year with no rain. We cut down the one made the previous year and you can just see it about knee height to the left of the new one.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Wildart Drawing Day

To see the UCA WildArt Space Residency
developing  on their blog....... click here

Here are some photos from the Wildart Drawing Day

ooh......... they look good

bark rubbings
even  'Dexter the Doodle' was involved

water colours always good for woodland scenes
it turns out sticks are better than brushes
when it comes to painting trees
it was a busy day and very enjoyable

and..........I had to use those nice chalks!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

UCA Art Students in Residence at Blean Wildart Trail

Proposal for the second year Ateliers Unit:
BA (Hons) Degree UCA

We intend to make site specific sculptures and land art installations using natural materials found in the woodland.
We will reflect the natural history and local culture of the Blean Woods.
We will engage with the local community encouraging participation in Wildart Events and Happenings in the environment of the woods, challenging traditional relationships and aesthetics.
As man and nature intervene, new work will evolve, others disappear.
The perfect work of art will be irrelevant given the variables; any assemblages will become empheral happenings, and happenings tempural.

Look forward to seeing you in the woods
Louisa Love
Janet Wells-Cutler 
                                          Penny Murchison